Week 23 – Je parle un peu!

March 4-10 Hello March! This week, Mary needed to go and do some photos along the Heart of Rocks trail and asked Libby if she had anyone who could hike with her. The next day, Libby asks me if I would be willing to join her, and of course I would be! It's been a …

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Week 22 – Two BIG Things

February 25 - March 3 Once again, I find myself procrastinating entries. I suppose that's a good sign, as it means I'm busy and/or having fun! Two very notable things happened this week. I completed the hands-on ALICE active shooter training, and I gave my first ever evening program! The ALICE training was on Tuesday. …

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Week 21 – First Interpretive Tour (and White Sands!)

February 18-24 Hi! The most notable event of this week -- I gave my first two tours of Faraway Ranch! They went really well. I gave my first one on Thursday and my second one on Friday. It is advertised as a 40 minute tour and mine clocked in at around 25 minutes...but the guests …

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